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​Home​ Remodeling Project Phases

Discover helpful ​information ​for each phases of your home remodeling project

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On This Page: ​Read about the valuable tips shared in each phase of your home remodeling project.​


​Get helpful information about every aspect of doing a home renovation project. If I would have known the valuable tips that are shared in each one of the project phases below when starting my remodel project, it would have streamlined my project ​AND saved me a lot of money, time, and frustration. Benefit​ from my ​real-world experience by discovering the valuable tips ​in each of the sections below...

​The Home Remodeling Project Phases​​​​​

1. Initial Planning & Organizing

This section discusses important initial activity related to getting a home renovation project underway.​ Get tips about remodeling or moving, finding the "real" remodel costs in your area, keeping your project from getting derailed by scope creep, sensible advice on determining how much remodel you can afford, remodeling financing options, your living accommodations, getting your neighbors prepared, organizing your project documents, etc.

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2. Interviewing, Plans, Quotes, & Contracts

MORE COMING SOON - Get helpful tips on finding & interviewing contractors, design plans & approval, managing your project, and how to really compare quotes.

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Discover tips for each of the home remodeling project phases

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​3. Project Progress

MORE COMING SOON - Discover how to ensure project progress, meet milestone due dates, get timely inspections, handle challenges effectively, save money with change orders, make your job site safe & secure. Read more here...

4. Project ​Nearing Completion

MORE COMING SOON - Getting to the final walk-through, getting open items completed, refinancing, getting project site cleaned-up, getting final lien release, and ​miscellaneous additional improvements. Read more here...