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Initial Planning & Organizing​

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This is Remodeling Home Phase 1 - Initial Planning & Organizing


Find out how to properly plan for your home renovation project, as well as how to organize your related documents, in order to set you up for the smoothest, pain-free remodeling experience possible​.

Getting Your Home Remodeling Project Started

Image of gathering info for starting a home remodeling project

Gathering information for your home renovations project

​Smart homeowners gather up information ​for a house remodeling project because they instinctively know the remodel will go a lot smoother for them.

And, they'll have fewer unpleasant surprises & frustrations along the way.

Remodeling A House Where To Start

Being prepared for your home renovation is a good thing.

The following articles describe the typical, initial activities related to getting your home improvement project underway - the smart way.

​The Benefits Of Proper Planning And Organization For Home Remodeling Projects​

The Benefits Of Proper Planning And Organization For Home Remodeling Projects

You'​d probably like ​more space in your home, a different layout, newer features, or some combination of these. The time has come to make a change. And, you're considering a home remodeling project for one or more areas of your ​house.

​However, before you begin ripping-out walls, you need to make sure you have a well-organized plan in place. Otherwise, you could encounter all kinds of problems.

Should You Remodel Or Move?

First of all, you need to determine whether you should remodel or relocate​. With an older home, you might find that it is better to move temporarily and tear down the entire house - rather than ​just upgrading one or two portions of it. ​Perhaps, relocating to another house might make sense for your situation.

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Home Remodeling Tip - Gather & organize your remodel project photos, emails, folders, notes, & business cards.

Finding Out Realistic Remodeling Costs​

When determining how much of a remodel can you afford, first take the time to research remodel costs in your community. While there are some fun online stories about people who have been able to remodel with virtually no money, you need to stick to hard facts and figures. What are the typical labor and materials charges for remodels in your city? You might be surprised at the answer. And, you'll save yourself - and the general contractors in your area - frustration from unrealistic remodeling cost expectations.

​Living​ Accommodations During Renovation​

​A basic decision to make during your home renovation project is where you're going to live. Should you stay in your home? Is that even feasible? Or, should you seek temporary housing during construction? Discover the things to consider when determining where to live during your house remodeling project.

Organizing Your Remodeling Project Documentation

It is essential that you keep all of your home remodeling research and related documentation organized. This includes information you find online related to your remodel, contractor quotes, time schedules and anything else that is relevant to your remodel. Whether you opt to use digital or hard copies, organization will reduce the amount of stress you experience during the remodel.

Financing Your Home Remodeling

Do you know how you intend to pay for your home renovation? If you don't have the spare cash, consider financing the project. Talk to your bank about a home equity loan or one specifically for improving your home. Alternatively, a construction loan might be ideal for you.

Whether you intend to use cash or apply for a loan, you need to know beforehand how much you can afford to spend on the remodel. It is important that you develop a budget that doesn't exceed this amount. Even if you can obtain a larger loan, don't overextend yourself and your monthly budget.

Remodeling Project Scope

The reality is that remodeling projects can quickly outgrow the original plans if you allow them to. A little extra here and a something special there can add up quickly. Once you have established the initial budget and allocated the funds, don't add anything else to the project unless it is absolutely necessary.

Remodeling Project Insurance Coverage

Protect yourself and your home by making sure that your homeowner's insurance will cover any workers who are injured while on your property. Ask about an umbrella policy if necessary to ensure that you aren't sued because someone was reckless.

Giving Your Neighbors A Heads-up

Additionally, ​think about your neighbors before you begin remodeling your home. By talking with ​your neighbors about your renovation project & what to expect, ​you are planting the seeds of goodwill and being a good neighbor to those on your street. This way they don't have to be surprised about or have to guess how long construction trucks, dumpsters, or other equipment will be on the streets.

Project Safety & Security

Curious children and unsavory thieves are going to be attracted to the project. While their reasons might be different, you need to provide extra security to keep both groups from interfering with your remodel. Talk to your contractor about temporary fencing that can be erected to keep uninvited folks from getting hurt or gaining entry through the construction area.

​Closing ​Thoughts

Although you might be anxious to begin your remodeling project, I recommend that you thoroughly ​prepare ​& organize yourself, your finances, and your home & neighbors for the upcoming renovation. Organization ​& preparation are key to your project success ​& satisfaction with your home upgrade.

The benefits you get from following these suggestions will not only make the remodeling project smoother & more efficient, but it will also ensure that your finances ​& neighborhood reputation are still intact when it is finished.

Although you might be anxious to begin the remodeling project, you need to wait until you have properly prepared yourself, your finances, home and neighbors for the upcoming renovation. Organization and preparation are key to your success and satisfaction with your home upgrade. The benefits you get from following these suggestions will not only make the remodeling project smoother and more efficient, but will also ensure that your finances and neighborhood reputation are still intact when it is finished.

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