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​Interviewing, Plans, Quotes, & Contract

​How to get the best people in place for your home renovation project

​What ​project getting-underway info are you looking for?

On This Page: ​Read about "Getting ​Things ​Lined-up To Actually Start" your home remodeling project.​

This is House Remodeling Phase 2 - ​Interviewing, Plans, Quotes, & Contract

Getting Things Lined-up To Actually Start​

Finding the right home improvement Architect and remodeling Contractors is key to the success of your renovations project.

Every phase of a home remodeling project is important - especially this one.

Get one or more ​things wrong in this phase​, and you're in for a rough ride.​ 

But, since you're doing the smart thing by taking advantage of the home remodeling tips & advice on RemodelAssist, you'll be ahead of the game.

The following articles describe how to get the best people in-place for your home renovation and the home redesign process.

Also, discover how to really evaluate the local General Contractor home renovation quotes you receive - the smart way.

​Articles For Choosing Remodeling Professionals, Getting Design Plans, & Evaluating Quotes​

  • ​Design Contract vs. Design Build Contract​ (coming)
  • ​Designing Your Remodel (coming)
  • Finding & Interviewing Residential Architects​ (coming)
  • ​Why Hire A Residential General Contractor​? (coming)
  • Finding & Interviewing Residential ​General Contractors (coming)
  • Finding & Interviewing Sub-​Contractors (coming)
  • ​​Why Have A Project Manager? (coming)
  • ​​How To Really Compare Quotes (coming)
  • ​​Contract Tips (coming)

Award-winning author & General Contractor Michael A. Baum helps homeowners to choose the best contractor every time for their home renovation project.