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On This Page: Read about RemodelAssist founder Don Roberts & how RemodelAssist began. Find out about the four phases of a home remodeling project. Discover the local remodeling & home improvement pros in your area. Learn about the home remodeling resources available to you.


If you're about to begin a home renovation project. you're in the right place. If you want to skip the frustrations, make things a lot easier for yourself, & keep more of your money - you are definitely in the right place. Keep reading to find out why...

About RemodelAssist and Don Roberts

My name is Don Roberts, and I've been where you are now. I'm a veteran home remodeling homeowner who helps other homeowners streamline their home remodeling projects.

When I started my full home renovation, I thought I had everything all figured out ahead of time.

It turns out that I was only partially prepared. In fact, I ended up with 18 expensive change orders along the way, as well as several unpleasant surprises. I'm here to tell you that was painful.

And, there were frustrating complications along the way. 

While I was experiencing all of this, I decided I wanted to tell other homeowners (just like you) what to watch out for. That idea spark was in 2004, and it's when RemodelAssist began.

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Learn from Don because he'll help you avoid frustration during your home remodeling project

More About Don Roberts

I'd like to tell you about the "ins & outs" of home remodeling & custom home construction projects because the problems can easily happen to you, too.

I kept detailed notes on everything that happened - from my initial architect interviews - all the way through moving back in at the end.

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Don has provided over 100 loans to people in 24 countries who are taking their first steps at entrepreneurship. Join him in lending a hand to those less fortunate who are striving to become self-employed.

I can help you choose the best architect, general contractor, and project manager - for you. I can provide you with money saving tips and really helpful resources. Oh, and a good friend of mine is an award-winning, licensed general contractor who keeps me up-to-date on all of the important things that many general contractors would not want you to know about.

Having a remodeled house is really great. But, the process can be painful - unless you're better prepared than I was. Learn from my mistakes, and skip the frustrations. Get up-to-speed quickly & pain-free reading every page of this website. It's a great investment in your time because it will make the whole process much more enjoyable.

Best, Don Roberts

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