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On This Page: ​Read ​how to get started​ with your home remodeling project, discover how to find local home improvement pros in your area, and ​check out helpful remodeling resources - including calculators and deals on home appliances & related remodeling products.


If you're about to start a home remodel, you're in the right place. If you want to skip the frustrations, make things a lot easier for yourself, & keep more of your money - it's all here. Keep reading...

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The RemodelAssist website has a simple, yet very important mission. It's to provide you with one central location to get the essential information you'll ​want for your upcoming ​home renovation project - all here in one place. ​

My name is Don Roberts, and I want to share with you the things I learned from doing a full home renovation on my house​. I would also like to ​tell you about some really cool home remodeling ideas you can include in your home improvements project​.

Whether you're about to begin a full ho​me remodel project, custom home construction, a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel, a room addition, or a historic restoration, you're in the right place because it's easy to find information about any phase of your home improvement project - right here.

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The information on RemodelAssist is organized into the following helpful sections:

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Learn home remodeling tips from veteran home renovations homeowner Don Roberts​.

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​All Home Remodeling Project Phases​​​​​

​Get information about every aspect of doing a home renovation project.

1. Initial Planning & Organizing - Remodel or move? Real remodeling costs. Project scope & creep. How much of a remodel can I afford? Financing options. Organizing. Read more here...

2. Interviewing, Plans, Quotes, & Contracts - Tips on finding & interviewing contractors. Design plans & approval. Managing your project. How to really compare quotes. Read more here...

3. Project Progress - How to ensure project progress. Milestones. Inspections. Handing challenges. Change orders. Safety & security. Read more here...
4. Project Nearing Completion- ​Final walk-through. Get open items completed. Refinancing. Project clean-up. Final lien release. Miscellaneous additional improvements. Read more here...

Find ​Local ​Home Renovation Professionals & Specialty Stores

Discover all the home renovation & home improvement professionals, services, and home improvement stores in your area.

How It Works - Just click on the service you're interested in - and get a handy map showing you the specific services in your area. Also, get their phone numbers, addresses, and customer reviews. ​​Even get directions.

​Home Remodeling ​​Information Resources​ & Appliance Products

This sections contains helpful information for you to get up-to-speed quickly on home remodeling. Find "real cost" calculators for each type of remodeling project - in your area.​

Discover home remodeling ideas websites. Uncover government remodeling & disaster assistance programs. Find out about home appliance sales, discounts, & customer ratings.

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