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​Home Remodeling Project Nearing Completion

​Getting the final things done so can start enjoying your new home renovation​

​What remodeling project finishing-up info are you looking for?

On This Page: ​​Read about the things to take care of as your home remodeling project is winding down.

​This is House Remodeling Phase 4 - Nearing Completion

The End Is In Sight​

Your house remodel project is ​winding down, and you're getting excited to move back in. You've been smart to follow along with the RemodelAssist tips & advice up to this point. Now, it's time to get some final things done so that you can get back in your house - your newly remodeled home that is.

The following articles describe the typical remaining activities ​during the house renovation completion phases. Keep reading...

Articles For ​​​Your Home Remodel​ Nearing Completion

  • ​Final Walk-through (coming)
  • ​Getting Open Action Items Completed (coming)
  • ​Refinancing Your Construction Loan (coming)
  • Getting Your ​Final Lien Release (coming)
  • ​Project Clean-up (coming)
  • ​Miscellaneous Additional Improvements (coming)
  • ​Landscaping (coming)
  • Celebrating Your New Home (coming)