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​Home Remodel Project Progress

​How to keep your project on-schedule & ​flowing smoothly

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On This Page: ​​Read about the ​important elements to make sure your project stays on schedule.

​This is House Remodeling Phase 3 - Project Progress

Ensuring ​Your Project Is On-Schedule

This will likely be the longest phase of your home renovation project​. Your goal here is to get a project schedule from your general contractor - and to make sure ​that all project activities stay on-track. Any delays that creep in to the process will likely push-out your move-in date - and cost you more money.

The following articles describe how to keep things moving during the demolition, ​inspections, and rebuilding phases.​

Articles For ​​​The Remodeling Schedule, Milestones, Liens, & Change Orders

  • ​Why Have A Project Schedule? (coming)
  • ​Project Milestones And The Punch List (coming)
  • ​Ensuring Project Progress (coming)
  • ​Project Inspections (coming)​​​​
  • ​Project Challenges And How To Overcome Them (coming)
  • ​Progress Payments (coming)
  • ​How Much Does It Cost To Get The Project Started? (coming)
  • ​Mechanics Liens And How To Get Them Removed (coming)
  • ​Dealing With Change Orders (coming)