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  • Contracts & ​remodeling loan mortgage ​refinancing​
  • Design ideas, appliances, light fixtures​, & smart home products

If you're about to start a home remodel, you're in the right place. If you want to skip the frustrations, make things a lot easier for yourself, & keep more of your money - it's all here. Keep reading...

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December 2017 Update - The RemodelAssist website is now under construction. New content is being added daily.

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The RemodelAssist website has a simple, yet important mission. It's to provide you with one central location to get the essential information you'll ​want for your upcoming remodeling project - all here in one place. ​My name is Don Roberts, and from time-to-time, I'll link to important offsite resources - but only when they add value​. A​lso, I'm going to tell you about some really cool home remodeling ideas you can include in your home improvements project​.

Whether you're about to begin a full house remodeling, custom home construction, a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel, a room addition, or a historic restoration, it's easy to find information about any phase of your project. The information on RemodelAssist is organized into the following four ​home renovations phases:

1. Initial Planning & Organizing​

Determining "remodel or move"​, project scope & project creep, how much can you afford, home remodeling ideas, refinancing options, initial pricing of major appliances, living accommodations. ​Organizing. Neighbors.

​2. Interviewing, Plans, Quotes, & Contract

​Discover insider tips on finding, interviewing & choosing an architect, contractors, & consultants. Design plans & approval. Determining who will ​manage your project. Knowing how to really compare quotes.

3. Project Progress​

​Ensuring your project is progressing as planned, ​milestones are being met, inspections are being scheduled, challenges are being handled, progress payments are being made, liens are being released. Safety & security. Dealing with change orders.

4. Nearing Completion​

Final walk-through, getting ​open action items ​completed, ​ refinancing (again), project clean-up, final lien release, miscellaneous additional improvements, landscaping.

Find Local Home Remodeling Professionals​

Click the map above to find home remodeling services in your area

It's easy to find quality, local remodeling contractors and related services in your area. Click here to find contractors, installers, and repair professionals for every phase of your home remodeling project.

Just find the type of service you want on the list, and click it. You'll be taken to a map in your area showing you those services - along with their contact & website information. You'll also get their customer review ratings, too.

Simple & pain-free!

Here's that link again for home remodel services

Find Home Remodeling Products & Resources​

Remodeling project costs by state (image courtesy of Houzz)

Want to ​find out what it typically costs ​to do a home remodel? For a kitchen remodel? For a bath remodel? How about for custom home construction? Not only get access to the real cost remodeling calculator for your area, but also see the remodeling costs broken down by Lower 1/3, Middle 1/3, and Upper 1/3. Click here to access the remodeling calculators.

Also, check-out links for home remodeling tips & guide​s, remodeling ideas, home remodeling assistance government programs, and discount appliances & home products​.

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