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Universal Design Bathrooms

universal design bathrooms

You may not know it, but there are a few key principles of universal design in a bathroom. These principles are essential in commercial spaces, where many different people are impacted by the design. But in your home, you can focus on the most important users, which is what we’re going to cover in this article. Read on to learn more. Here are some examples of how to incorporate universal design into a bathroom:

Floating vanities

There are many benefits of floating vanities in a universal design bathroom. First and foremost, they make the room feel larger. Floating vanities are especially useful in bathrooms with multiple users. They don’t obstruct wheelchair access and can be adjusted to the correct height. Moreover, they can be made of any material or color. Floating vanities with single lever faucets or sensor faucets are also good choices.

Another advantage of floating vanities is that they offer more storage space. When installed in universal design bathrooms, these vanities are easy to reach and remove the need for under-sink storage. Additionally, these vanities can be easily installed on existing walls. Floating vanities can be mounted on the wall or built into a corner. Floating vanities are especially suitable in such bathrooms because they allow wheelchair users to roll up to them.

Grab bars

In addition to the functional benefits of grab bars, they also have an aesthetic value. They offer the same support that hospital grab bars offer, but they don’t draw too much attention to themselves. That’s a plus for some people, who would prefer not to have a grab bar in their bathroom. However, for those who are disabled or otherwise unable to walk for long distances, grab bars are a necessity.

Aside from being functional, grab bars in universal design bathrooms come in various shapes and styles. They can be mounted on the side of a bathtub, as an L-shaped bar is. Other shapes include corner grab bars. The types of fixtures available today include those with LED lighting. Many can be customised to match existing decor, if needed. However, there are some points to consider when selecting grab bars. One of the most important considerations is the installation method.

Offset faucet controls

Offset faucet controls improve accessibility by lowering the center of gravity and providing more space for the user’s hands. While the vertical bars in front of the tub are useful for safety, they can be dangerous. Typically, the controls are 33 inches above the finished floor. Offsetting the controls toward the room improves accessibility. The same principle applies to electronic touchless faucets. Voice-activated controls can trigger the faucet with a simple wave of the hand.

Certain faucet styles are more suited for universal design bathrooms. One-lever faucets and wrist blade faucets are great options for those with limited mobility or motor skills. Touchless faucets are also a good option. They are easier to operate and do not require a user to reach the faucet lever. They are a perfect choice for bathrooms designed with accessibility in mind. If you have a handicapped family member, consider installing one with an offset faucet control.

Tall toilets

A universal design bathroom is one that accommodates people with disabilities as well as the able-bodied. The purpose of this design is to create a room that is comfortable and functional for everyone. This can be done by using high-quality, accessible components and ensuring that all bathrooms are designed to be accessible. These fixtures can be expensive, but the long-term benefits can outweigh the initial cost. You may even be able to increase the resale value of your home by installing tall toilets in your bathroom.

One of the benefits of installing tall toilets in a bathroom is that they can accommodate users with disabilities. They provide extra height for the seat, making the transition from a wheelchair to a toilet more comfortable. Tall toilets are available in 16-to-18-inch heights, and many manufacturers have produced attractive designs for them. These toilets are designed to fit into any bathroom design and can be a great option for people with disabilities.

Custom storage solutions

For people with limited mobility, custom storage solutions can improve the quality of their bathroom. Custom bathroom storage is an essential component of any successful design, but many homeowners ignore the importance of proper storage in this area. Bathroom dimensions are often small and the lack of enough space can be problematic. Wire shelf units are lightweight, easy to install, and can provide valuable storage and display space. To make the process easier for everyone, a design professional can work with you to create a design that suits your needs and budget.

In many cases, wall space beneath a window provides plenty of storage space. You can even make a bench out of storage drawers, allowing you to display items or store bathroom necessities. Custom storage solutions for universal design bathrooms can also be useful as seating, next to a shower. These versatile storage solutions ensure a timeless aesthetic and avoid unnecessary remodeling. Here are a few ideas:


Creating an accessible bathroom should begin with a well-planned bathroom lighting plan. Having the right lighting in the right areas is important to avoid accidents and facilitate everyday tasks. Bathroom lighting should include ambient light in the entry and shower areas, and task lighting throughout the bathroom. Incorporating accent lighting in the shower is essential to providing safety and access. This article looks at some common lighting problems in a bathroom and how to solve them.

Lighting in the bathroom must be sufficient and adjustable. Ambient and task lighting should be combined to improve visibility. Integrated LED lighting is a great option, since it reduces glare and increases light levels in the bathroom. For example, wall sconces placed on either side of a vanity mirror eliminate shadows cast by pot lights and downlighting. LED lighting is an energy-efficient way to light up a bathroom.