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Small Kitchen Remodel – How to Create a Modern Design

small kitchen remodel

If you have a small kitchen, you can create a modern design by using simple, light, and bright colour palettes. The most important question you should ask yourself before starting a remodel is: What do you use your kitchen for? A tone-on-tone color scheme will visually enlarge the space, while a petite island adds additional storage and prep space. You can make your kitchen look larger by removing bulky elements, such as the bulky desk.

Cost of a small kitchen remodel

Before hiring a remodeling contractor to do your small kitchen remodel, you should know what your budget is. Experts recommend keeping the current layout of the kitchen and only changing its look. This will save you money since you won’t have to change any major features, such as walls or the layout of plumbing and gas lines. You can also avoid changing the electrical hookups and plumbing by moving appliances. Furthermore, you can save more money by becoming directly involved in the project. Painting the cabinets or putting in a backsplash are two projects that most homeowners can do themselves. You can also become your own general contractor and save money by doing some of the work yourself.

Besides the layout and design, the materials used in the remodel should be considered. Open shelving, for example, is an excellent idea because it makes the small kitchen look larger. While wall cabinets are a common choice, they eat up a lot of space. Open shelving also saves a lot of space and allows you to fit more appliances. A small kitchen remodel can cost between $1,000 and $10,000. It is important to keep in mind the type of budget you have when planning the project.

Mistakes to avoid in a small kitchen remodel

One of the common mistakes when remodeling a small kitchen is overlooking the quality of the materials. While cheaper materials may save money in the short run, compromising on quality will not yield the best results. When remodeling a small kitchen, it is better to use quality materials than to skimp on storage space. If you have limited space, a small peninsula is better than a large island. In addition, you need to carefully analyze the layout of the kitchen before you make any changes.

It is important to measure the space properly and plan the arrangement of the appliances carefully. Choosing the appliances well in advance will ensure a successful renovation. Be sure to double-check all measurements. Remember to account for the height and width of the appliances you want to install. Another mistake is underusing space. For example, it is essential to provide additional storage space and counter space for dishes and pans. Also, lighting plays a vital role in a kitchen and can ruin your design if the light is not adequate.

Light and bright colour palette for a small kitchen remodel

A light and bright colour scheme for a small kitchen can transform a small space and make it feel airy and spacious. Pastel colours are perfect for smaller rooms as they reflect natural light, and they are very calming and energizing. Interior designer Amy Peltier recommends using a light teal shade to give your kitchen a fresh, modern feel. The colour looks white in some light, but darker in others. Katie Hodges, of Unique Kitchens & Baths, recommends using a neutral colour palette in small kitchens. She recommends choosing a colour such as Hardwick white as it has a soft and subtle feel and delivers a sophisticated look.

Dark colours can make a small kitchen feel secluded or cosy. Dark colours in small kitchens create a mood and drama that’s hard to recreate in a bigger room. To offset the deep paintwork, use warm metallics on accessories, countertops, and handles. In addition, make sure the lighting is efficient. Use a light and bright colour palette when you’re redecorating your kitchen to make it feel bigger.