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Home Remodeling Trends For 2021

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Design changes with the years, but there are some timeless designs that never seem to go out of style. Today, natural materials such as wood are a popular element in home remodeling. They complement each other and promote a sense of calm through color. Smart speakers and Industrial-style sinks are other popular trends. Read on to learn more about these trends. But before we get into the trends, let’s review some common home remodeling trends:

Wood is a popular element in home remodeling

Natural elements such as wood are increasingly being used in modern homes. From decking to exterior cladding, wood has a variety of uses. The warmth of wood is especially attractive when used for exterior accents. Wooden surfaces can be painted or stained to give them a new look, or sanded back to reveal their natural beauty. A great alternative to exotic wood is thermally modified wood. This type of wood has beautiful tones and is a great option for many homeowners.

Industrial-style sinks

Whether your house has an industrial theme or a more traditional one, you can still add a farmhouse sink to your bathroom. This modern fixture will keep your sink’s lines clean and prevent dirt from settling in the cracks. And industrial-style sinks are popular in smaller bathrooms, as well. This type of sink has three wash basins and legs that add height. Here are some tips to help you design a farmhouse sink in your bathroom:

Smart speakers

According to a new report from Edison Research, smart speakers are replacing the radio in nearly half of U.S. homes. Among all rooms in the home, connected speakers are most common in the living room, followed by the kitchen, master bedroom, and office. In fact, these gadgets are already causing a revolution in home entertainment, with more than half of smart speaker owners saying that they wouldn’t be without their devices.


The wood elements in contemporary homes are gaining popularity as accents, including wood pavers for patios. Not only do they provide a natural aesthetic, but they can also be functional pieces, such as outdoor showers and gable fences. Here are some trends for 2021:


With more homeowners purchasing house plans with mudrooms, adding a mudroom to your home is a great way to make this space more functional. It’s an all-purpose drop zone that’s perfect for collecting dirty clothes. With proper planning and design, this room can become a functional space that will help you keep your home clean and organized. Besides, a mudroom can be a great place to put on shoes and keep kids’ gear out of sight.

Offices with outdoor space

If you are looking for ways to merge work and play, consider adding a home office. Instead of using your kitchen counter, trade it in for a dedicated workspace. Moreover, outdoor spaces are on the rise, and industry analysts expect this trend to continue into the future. If you have an outdoor space, consider converting your shed into an office and putting up outdoor lighting. If you’ve always wanted a patio or backyard workspace, now is the time to make that happen.

Japanesedi design

Japandi is an eclectic blend of Scandinavian minimalism, functional design, and Japanese organizational philosophy. Essentially, it combines the clean lines and open spaces of Scandinavia with the elegance and coziness of Japanese design. In combining these two styles, Calas recommends using “faux minimalism,” in which she incorporates natural containers, built-ins, and folding screens. This minimalist approach also maintains a Zen-like sense of calm.

Storage solutions

When remodeling your home, there are a number of storage solutions that can help keep your things organized and safe. Some of these solutions include built-in closets, furniture cabinets, and shelves. They are great for maximizing space and preserving the integrity of your home’s architecture. Additionally, they help to prevent traffic congestion by eliminating the need to unpack and move furniture. In addition, these types of storage solutions are easy to install.