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bathroom remodeling blogs

Whether you’re remodeling your own bathroom or you’re just interested in it, there are a number of bathroom remodeling blogs that you can check out. These blogs will give you a wide range of ideas and inspirations for your project. Regardless of your skill level, you’re bound to find some ideas that will make your bathroom renovations much more efficient and effective.

Make it more efficient

Whether you are doing a simple bathroom remodel or remodeling a full bathroom, there are several ways you can make bathroom remodeling more efficient. The key is to keep a few things in mind.

First, make sure to take into account your water usage. This includes regulating the temperature of your bathroom as well as the lighting. Also, make sure to add proper insulation. This will help keep your bathroom warmer and will save you money on cooling and heating.

Another way to make bathroom remodeling more efficient is to use recycled materials. You can save money on your water bill by choosing faucets and toilets that use less water. You can also make your bathroom more energy efficient by choosing LED lighting. LED lighting doesn’t consume half as much electricity as traditional light fixtures.

You can also make bathroom remodeling more efficient by installing cabinetry. This will allow you to add storage space, while also creating an open and efficient space.

Create a collage

Using a collage to create a bathroom remodeling blog can be a great way to get ideas for your next project. You can look around your home and neighborhood to find interesting items to put into your collage. You can also check out craft stores to find interesting materials.

One cool thing about a collage is that you can change the colors of the images and add text to the collage. If you have small kids, it is better to stick with simpler designs. Using a diluted glue mixture can also help adhere materials to the collage. You can also use a hot glue gun to attach solid objects to the collage. Regular glue sticks aren’t strong enough to hold found items.

A classic collage is made on a piece of paper. You can also make a virtual one using images from online sites. The images you use are usually copyrighted. The best ones to use are those with a resolution of 72 pixels per inch or higher.

Get inspiration

Whether you’re remodeling a small bathroom or designing a brand new one, you will need to know where to turn for the best bathroom remodeling ideas. The internet is full of websites and resources to help you make your home improvement dreams a reality. However, you may want to get some advice from your friends or enlist the services of a professional.

For example, you might not know that there are actually showrooms around your area. You can find them with a quick search on Google. You can also use the same technology to find local contractors to get the job done right.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you can also try shopping at the local mall. Most people don’t realize that they are a great place to find inspiration for a bathroom remodel. You can also get inspiration from your favorite television shows. A well done bathroom remodel on TV can be a real treat.

Share with a remodeling company

Whether you’re just starting to plan for a bathroom remodel or you’ve had your bathroom redone, sharing with a bathroom remodeling company can help you get the most out of your project. Before you choose a contractor, make sure you research the company thoroughly. Read online testimonials, contact clients and ask for a written estimate. You also may want to ask about any specials the company offers. You may qualify for discounts on your project if you’re willing to take advantage of a promotion.

Depending on the type of bathroom you’re remodeling, you’ll want to consider different materials. Some are better for energy efficiency, while others are safer and more sustainable. If you’re remodeling a bathroom that will be handicap accessible, you’ll also want to know which products will be ADA-compliant. You can also ask about whether or not the materials are reusable. This may help you save money on your project and keep your bathroom looking as good as new.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items can add value to a house appraisal?

Make sure you understand the value of any item that is up for sale. If you don’t know, your buyer might not.

It is important to assess whether your home has any special features that will improve its appearance. This can include adding color, painting walls, or replacing carpets.

The practical aspects of the project are next. For example, have your kitchen appliances been upgraded or replaced? Or has your garden shed been re-roofed?

Consider how these improvements will affect the overall feeling of your home. Is it possible to have an impact on how people move about your home? Is it boring and uninviting or does it?

Once you have done all of this, you will be better able to assess the value and worthiness of your home. Of course, you still need to factor in the cost of making the changes yourself – but it’s important to get this part right too!

You should take time to identify what makes your house unique before you list it. Once you know what these are, figure out how you can bring them back to life in order to quickly sell your home.

What adds the most value to a home?

If you could add more space, would you choose an extension or a conservatory? Are you looking for a garage?

What about a basement conversion or loft conversion? Or maybe it’s a new kitchen extension or bathroom suite.

But whatever option you choose, make sure it fits within the existing footprint of your property.

The key to creating a space that is harmonious with its surroundings is not adding more rooms.

You’ll also need to consider how much additional living area you require.

Do you have plans to convert your spare bed into a study/home office or bedroom? Do you have enough storage to accommodate your growing family?

Or are you planning to turn your attic/craft studio into a playroom/craft area?

No matter what vision you have, you need to make sure it doesn’t cost too much.

It may seem obvious, but even when you’ve created a fabulous design, you must ensure that it meets practical requirements, such as having access to power sockets, lighting, and plumbing.

When creating a new space, think about these questions. Are you looking to install furniture or appliances in your new space? Is there a separate entrance you will need?

Do you have enough outlets for electrical power? Are you able to run cables from one area of your house to the other without compromising comfort and aesthetics?

Is there a need for water? What about water supply for the rest?

And finally, what about heating and cooling? If you are installing central heating and air conditioning, you should know the location of all pipes.

Remember to include the cost of moving or relocating anything you may wish to keep.

Consider the cost of remodeling or expanding your current home.

Extending a property requires extra floor space, which requires much excavation work.

This usually involves removing the flooring from the ground and laying new ones.

Depending on how large the job is, it can take several weeks or days.

Additionally, due to the increased height of the roof and walls, the structure is also heavier. This increases the chance of structural damage.

A conservatory, however, is simply a small container with doors or glass windows.

There is no need to excavate the foundations and lay new joints.

You can instead build the conservatory on the side of your home using prefabricated frames and glazing.

This means you don’t need to excavate beyond the perimeter.

However, this does mean that you lose some privacy, and you won’t be able to enjoy views over your backyard.

Plan your project if you want to extend or renovate your home.

It’s crucial to clearly define your goals before beginning any project.

Which remodeling projects add the most value to your home?

Remodeling a property can increase its resale price by $20k to $50k per project.

The average cost for a typical remodel is $12-15k/project. This includes labor and materials as well as permits.

You can increase the home’s value by providing an experience people will want to spend more money on.

This could include the addition of a pool, spa or outdoor kitchen, firepit or wine cellar.

You can also add extra bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces to increase the property’s value.

The next few years are crucial for you to realize your house’s full potential. The more money you spend renovating your home, the more valuable it will be when it is up for sale.

Does adding a bathroom in the basement increase home value?

Bathrooms can make a homeowner more likely to sell. A bathroom will increase buyers’ willingness to purchase the property for both personal use and for resale. Two bathrooms is a common requirement for homebuyers. However, this does not mean that adding a bathroom in the basement will automatically raise the home value. It all depends on where the bathroom is situated. It will impact the overall value of the house if the bathroom is located in the basement.

The bathroom can be placed in any part of the house that is not used for bathing, but it will not impact the overall home’s value. Some homeowners prefer to have a basement bathroom because it makes their house appear larger.

In conclusion, a bathroom can be a great addition to a home. But it is important to do it right so that it does not affect the overall home’s worth.

What does a bathroom renovation cost to increase your home’s value in 2022

An average bathroom remodel will cost $17,000. However, if you plan on selling your home within five years, a bathroom renovation could add as much as $10,000 to your home’s value.

Here are the reasons.

  • Your bathroom can be transformed from being dull and boring to beautiful with a new coat of painting. You don’t have to remodel your entire bathroom. A quick update will transform it from something ordinary into something extraordinary.
  • If you are planning to move soon, it is best to delay major renovations until you sell your existing home. However, you can still make updates to your existing bathroom by installing modern fixtures while you wait.
  • You can easily install a shower instead of a bathtub, which saves space in your bathroom. It is also easier to add storage.
  • A recessed vanity Mirror can help create a contemporary look. The mirror can be recessed to provide storage under the sink.
  • It will help you reduce your monthly electric bill by replacing the old light bulbs with more efficient ones.
  • Installing a walk in shower will mean you don’t have to go outside to use your loo. You can also keep your bathroom tidy.

When it comes to bathroom remodels, homeowners often underestimate how costly they can be.

You should invest in a bathroom remodel if you plan on selling your house in the next five years.

You might even want to do some of the work. You can hire professionals to provide all the services you need at affordable prices.

Here are some tips for bathroom renovations that you can DIY.

  1. Select a color scheme that matches the rest of your home.
  2. Make sure your bathroom has enough space for all your toiletries.
  3. Make sure you have a towel rail, and a shelf above your basin for towels and other small items.
  4. You might consider putting a mat under the door to prevent you from slipping when you enter and exit the bathroom.
  5. To block unwanted sunlight, add a blind to your window.
  6. A smart thermostat can be installed to control your heating and cooling.
  7. Get new lighting fixtures and lamps.
  8. You can replace old tiles with ceramic ones. Ceramic tiles are beautiful and easy to clean.
  9. To remove moisture, install an over-bathroom exhaust fans.
  10. For cracks in walls, you can use a high-quality waterproofing solution.
  11. Apply a new coat of paint and remove any old wallpaper.
  12. Paint in a neutral tone such as white, cream or taupe. These colors can be used with any type of furniture.
  13. A raised washbasin will prevent water from splashing all over the room.
  14. Ensure that there are no electrical sockets near the edge of the tub or shower.
  15. Install a shower curtain rod on the floor to stop water dripping onto it.
  16. Install a soap dispenser near the toilet.

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be expensive. It is possible to save money by planning your bathroom remodel.

What home improvements do not add value?

Home improvement companies often make great promises, but when you look closer, there’s nothing special about them. You might save money with them, but they will probably charge you more for the exact same results.

It is common for home improvement companies to make promises about the time they can save, but these promises don’t always hold up.

For example, a contractor may promise to replace your old roof with an energy-efficient one, saving you thousands of dollars yearly in heating costs. He won’t tell the truth about his company’s use of poor materials that can leak onto your floors and cause costly damage.

It is not uncommon for contractors to promise a siding system that will last a lifetime, but fail to mention the fact most siding systems cost hundreds of more than vinyl siding.

The bottom line is that home improvement companies usually sell products that are inferior to those offered by local businesses. These home improvement companies may appear to be a bargain, but they are actually a scam.

What are the worst things to do when you remodel a house?

It’s not enough to simply apply a coat. It doesn’t really matter how beautiful the colors are, if the room isn’t comfortable or useful.

Consider whether you could make your home more appealing by updating its overall design.

Remember that a home is more than just a structure for living. It’s also a place people use to live, work and play.

If you want to ensure all this happens in a happy, healthy way, then you’ll need to pay special attention to each part of the space.

If your kitchen has a lot of deterioration, but you can see beautiful trees from the window from it, don’t let that distract you from what’s going on inside.

Instead, find ways to incorporate them into the design.

It is worth considering adding a deck out to your home or replacing any old cabinets with new white oak ones.

For a relaxing and calm feeling, incorporate plants in your space.

Remember to consider how traffic flows through your house. Visitors who see too many staircases between the front door and the back door or too many hallways that lead nowhere will find it frustrating.

Every room should have a purpose.

Some rooms may not be worth renovating. You might decide to sell a home where only one bedroom has been renovated.

This principle is also applicable to bathrooms and kitchens. It may be sensible to focus your renovations on one bathroom or kitchen.

It’s always better to start small and finish big!


  • These additions run 10-20% cheaper than conventional home additions and are made off-site, saving you from living in a constant construction zone. (
  • Like kitchen addition, bathroom projects have a return on investment of up to 62%. (
  • The average cost to finish a basement is between $2,800 to $34,000, with a return on investment of around 70%. (
  • Look into eco-friendly paints, and purchase floor mats from 100% recycled plastics. (
  • Kitchen remodels projects can cost between $60-$46,000 and recoup almost 93% of the cost at resale. (

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  1. You can add a fireplace to your room. In addition to providing warmth and comfort, fireplaces provide an excellent opportunity to display artwork. If you prefer a brick fireplace with a traditional brick hearth, consider adding a gaz log set. This fireplace gives you a wood-burning effect but without the mess or smell of natural logs.
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