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​Home Remodeling FAQs & SAQs​

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On This Page: ​​Get the answers to the home remodeling Frequently Asked Questions, as well as the Should Ask Questions.

​Frequently Asked Questions & Should Ask Questions​

FAQs - As you're about to start your home remodeling project - or you're already in the throws of it, you probably have one of more questions​ you want answers to. As this FAQ grows​ over time, you'll likely find the answer to your question(s) right here. 

SAQs - We've also got answers to questions that you should be asking, but might not be aware of. ​

If you think of ​one or more important questions that could be considered helpful home remodeling tips to other homeowners & you don't see it listed below, please ​let me know what it is. I'll even give you credit for it if I include it. Submit your question via my contact form.

Home Renovation FAQs

Q - How ​much does it cost to ​renovate a home?

A - Pending

Q - What is the average cost of renovating a house?

A - Pending

Q - How long does it take to do a full renovation?

A - Pending

Q - How much does it cost to build an addition per square foot?

A - Pending

Q - How much does it cost to add a second story to a house?

A - Pending

Q - How much does it cost to build a master bedroom and bathroom?

A - Pending

Q - How much does it cost to put in a bathroom?

A - Pending

Q - How much does it cost to renovate a master bathroom?

A - Pending

Home Renovations SAQs

Q - Should I have a chain-link fence closing off my property during my full home remodel?

A - The short answer is "yes". Some localities actually require it for home remodeling project sites, while others don't. Check with your local building permits office and/or your homeowners association to be sure. But, consider this: Your project site could be considered to be an "attractive nuisance" to others. If you don't have a fence in-place keeping everyone but construction workers out, you may be held liable if someone (including neighborhood children) injure themselves accidentally while checking out your project site. And, a fence can help minimize the theft of construction materials and tools when no one is around. It only costs a small amount each month, and I consider it to be cheap insurance.

Q - Should I leave a floodlight on at night on my home remodel project site?

A - Unless your locality doesn't allow floodlights to be left on a night (because they might considered to be "light pollution"), then I would definitely recommend having a floodlight on (and a chain-link security fence, too). I put one centrally-located, temporary floodlight in my front yard to act as a deterrent to after-hours thieves. Plus, it can also help keep construction workers and you safer from trip hazards when onsite past sunset.

Q - Should I have an alarm system installed during my home remodeling project​?

A - If you want to have the type of alarm system that requires wires to be run behind the walls, under the floor, and/or above the ceiling (such as an ADT alarm system)​, then having it installed during the remodel is a great time to do it because many of the walls will already be opened up. They'll likely have to make two visits to you home - one to rough-in the wiring, and a second trip to connect the devices after the walls, texture, and paint are done. ​

​However, if you want the type of alarm system that only needs Wi-Fi to operate (such as a SimpliSafe home alarm system), then you'll definitely want to wait until ​you're moving back in. That's because you'll need finished surfaces to affix your devices to.