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Bathroom Remodel Makeover Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel I’m Julie interior design expert and really I say that in jest because
the only thing I’m an expert at is making interior design mistakes today’s video is all about bathroom mistakes
these are the common mistakes that I see when renovating or remodeling a bathroom I’ve been in the industry now for 16
years 11 of which I’ve owned my own business so you can imagine how many design mistakes I’ve seen and made when
it comes to bathrooms and renovations so before we get into the most common design mistakes that I see in bathrooms
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channel you haven’t already one of the most common mistakes I see when designing a bathroom is not coming up
with a plan as you remember from my interior design 101 video I always start every process with a mood board a mood
bar serves as a jumping-off point to gather all of my inspiration my images my samples all the finishes and the
materials that I want to put in the space with all of the endless selections that are out there there are just too
many options for them all to swim around in your head the mood board acts as a visual guide to help you collate all of
your ideas into one place you can start to shop all of your materials online and either print them out or put them
together on a digital board in Photoshop mock up their lighting options so you can see what works with the different
vanities you’ve chosen don’t just blindly pick up materials and hope that they go together that is a recipe for
disaster before you even begin do your research put in the legwork and your bathroom
will look well thought out in cohesive every time while we’re on the subject of mocking up
the rooms the next design mistake I see is not getting samples everything looks completely warped online especially when
it comes to color and pattern you can’t be sure that everything that you see on the Internet
looks exactly like you see on a physical sample it really helps for you to reach out to the vendor the manufacturer and
order these samples online to be mailed directly to you once you have all of the physical samples in place you can start
messing around with all the trim work and the paint hardware and accessories so everything goes together as you
intend I remember one of my custom home projects where the client had already sourced some materials they love these
materials so much they found it online and they purchased the entire lawn and had the contractor install it once I was
hired on the job we took one look at this bathroom and knew that everything was really off the shower pan didn’t
match the shower tile the floor tile was just too large for the space and the scale seemed totally off the result we
ended up ripping out the entire shower pan the entire floor and installed brand new tiles that went better with the
entire bathroom design a lot of the times you just need to do a little bit of legwork so you don’t make these
costly mistakes down the line and now for the fun part the materials let’s talk about tile and stone how do you
know what materials to pay shower tile or full slabs I love the look of full height stone slabs installed to a shower
wall or a bathtub wall of course tile is less expensive but with the full height slab there’s less grout lines which
means it’s easier to clean if your budget doesn’t permit installing natural stone slabs there are some really cool
alternatives on the market right now they make porcelain veneer slabs which is basically full height slabs with a
really thin sheet of porcelain on the face of it the back is a thick substrate that gets installed directly on to the
shower or bathtub wall so when you’re facing the wall you’re met with a really beautiful
natural stone looking finish but really it’s made out of inexpensive porcelain one of the biggest mistakes I see is a
shower with really weird angles now if you have a lot of really weird angles installing small pieces of
tile looks really cheap especially when you’re trying to match the edges up together however if you have a
rectangular shaped enclosure you can choose either whole slabs or smaller tiles in this case let’s move on to edge
details what is an edge detail one of the biggest mistakes I see homeowners make is choosing the wrong material or
furthermore choosing the right material and not designing how they want the edges detailed if you’re choosing a
natural stone or slab you don’t have to worry about the edges clearly natural stone is a stone material that a whole
way through if you cut right into it the first half will look very similar to the second
half now if you’re dealing with an inexpensive material like ceramic tile or porcelain tile you’ll know that it
comes with an unfinished edge what does that mean well porcelain and ceramic are both manufactured so they’re a man-made
material typical edges are unfinished where you can see the unfinished play edge if you are specifying ceramic or
porcelain tile make sure that it comes with a bull nose which is basically the tile that you see with a little curved
edge so once you’re laying your ceramic or porcelain tile onto your shower walls you can then install the bull nose at
the edge and there you’ll have a finished edge where your regular tile meets the bull nose unfinished exposed
edges are one of the top common designer rookie mistakes that a lot of homeowners make if they don’t do their research
beforehand if you’ve specified a stone without an unfinished edge and it doesn’t have a bull nose tile to go with
it you can also specify a Schluter strip what is a Schluter strip I’m sure you’ve seen it installed before Schlueter
strips are metal trim to install on the edge of an unfinished tile they’re really the exposed band that you see
when you’re facing the bathroom or shower wall and they gave those unfinished porcelain and ceramic edges a
nice crisp finish the shrimp’s come in a variety of finishes and colors so you can get the option that best suits your
hardware and just to warn you your contractor is not your designer your contractor will pretty much install
whatever you ask them to but it is up to you go into detail about how you want your
bathroom finished let’s talk about niches what is a niche ameesha is that little rectangular cutout that you see
in showers that’s designed to put your shampoo conditioner soap and back products the niche cutout is designed
before you install anything on the walls one of the most common mistakes I see is no clear direction or no design when it
comes to niches when it’s not thought out it could look like a complete mistake I’ve seen niches that are cut
too short I’ve seen Nisha’s kind of popped up all over the place on every single portion of the wall I’ve even
seen it where they have one niche on one wall and unlike another niche on an adjacent wall and it was like completely
out of place and totally off set now if you don’t want it to look like a design mistake it’s really simple just Center
the niche on the wall it’s even a good rule of thumb to take out your larger shampoo container measure the height of
the container and give it about 4 to 5 inches of breathing room and let your contractor know the size you can then
install a single centered one or one Misha is not enough for your products you can do a double image centered and
spaced out or my favorite look a really long linear modern niche that spans the width of the shower walls let’s talk
about patterns one of the most common mistakes I see is putting that accent tile right in the middle of your shower
wall I think you guys know how I feel about accent walls at this point I really do love an accent wall when it’s
done right don’t just throw a contrasting accent tile in the middle of a wall and call it design a lot of the
times it could look really cheap especially when it’s in a contrasting tile that has no visual dialogue to
everything else that’s going on in the bathroom that’s why your mood board is so important sometimes that accent wall
looks like hey the shower wall looks so plain so let me just throw on some accent tile over there and then you know
that was free set up that just doesn’t look high-end guys I mean I know it’s a personal preference but let me just help
steer you in the right direction when it comes to accent walls you can play with patterns by using the stone that you’ve
already sourced create a pattern with that specific tile maybe you want to run it in a herringbone pattern you might
even want to create a runner type pattern on the floor if you have offset subway-tile maybe you
can change the direction put it in a vertical portrait orientation and line that with a really cool border you can
also create a striped effect and run it waterwall which actually leads me to one of my previous projects I had specified
there’s a really beautiful glass mosaic I know you’re thinking I mean glass mosaic is so passe but it was just
really gorgeous it came in both a glaze iridescent finish and like a matte cone finished I thought to create this really
cool pattern on the wall with the glaze and the mat and the glazed and the matte wear when the light hits it you could
see all of the iridescent tile shining through and the matte tile just anchors the look of the wall I love that
variation between a matte home finish which is just a fancy way of saying not blocky
and an iridescent glossy finish so try thinking about using the same material that you love and just switching up the
finishes between the two for variation let’s talk about ground make sure once you receive your physical samples of
tile that you go on and get your samples of grout to lay right next to it grout always changes the look of the tile so a
hot tip if you want the grout to disappear get the closest match you can to the tile
moving on to common mistakes I see when choosing paint or wallpaper you’ll remember from my favorite neutral paint
video that I always advise getting samples before committing to the pain you want to paint samples on every
single wall in that bathroom remember that natural daylight and your synthetic overhead lights always changes
the color of the walls remember to specify your paint color last after you specified all the
materials of finishes and hardware in the space you can choose your wall color to help enhance the materials or choose
a contrasting color to give it a bold look don’t forget to paint the ceilings you can give it the unexpected pop of
color that your room deserves wallpaper is one of my favorite things to install in a powder bathroom it’s a perfect
space to make a really huge impact because of its size it’s generally on the smaller side and
the perfect spot to make a really Wow moment but a common mistake I’ve seen with wallpaper is that really hideous of
wallpaper border don’t be afraid to use wallpaper to line all of the walls if you feel that that’s too much of a
commitment they make peel and stick wallpaper that’s temporary before you decide to
commit to the real thing [Music] do you hate those builder-grade mirrors
that came with your home you know the ones that span the entire width of the vanity with no frame no edges and you
can even see those little plastic fasteners that hold the mirror in place while that is not necessarily a design
mistake I’d like to offer you some really cool inspiration when it comes to upgrading those basic mirrors my first
tip is to install your lighting directly over the mirror of course in this case you’ll need to
have holes already cut out but the end result looks really elegant and luxurious in a small space imagine
having a bathroom with really little natural lighting since the vanity sconce is now installed directly over the
mirror you’ve just doubled the amount of light filtering through another trick I like to use is placing a mirror directly
over that builder-grade mirror in this case you can source a smaller sized mirror or something really decorative
and if it’s not too heavy you can simply use double stick mounting tape to secure it right on the mirror I also love
installing freestanding mirrors with really beautiful frames if you have a bathroom with really weird windows
awkwardly placed on the walls freestanding mirrors are the perfect solution to those awkward windowed walls
they don’t need to span the entire width of your vanity try just using your state to gauge the size if you’re still
confused about the correct mirror size use painters tape or masking tape to mask out the section right on your walls
that will give you a good idea to scale the size of the mirror and in proportion to your lavatory and finally let’s talk
about decor and accessories keep the course simple so there’s not a lot of fuss the focus of your bathroom should
be all of the beautiful materials and finish that you’ve sources don’t neglect those bare walls those bare walls can
become a design opportunity for you to place artwork on the walls we can even flank a ladder that then becomes a
makeshift towel bar or purchase a little garden stool that you can place right next to your bathtub so
you can place your phone on it to listen to music or even put a fresh vase of flowers ancient punctuate techniques
actually advise against decorating the bathroom but I am a modern designer so of course I’m gonna want to spruce the
bathroom up and you always have to remember to put that toilet stick down a little disclaimer to my common mistakes
video do what you guys love of course if your design was intentional it could never be considered a mistake all of my
tips are simply given as a result of seeing what drives property values down I’ve made a lot of these common mistakes
early in my career and it was only through a lot of experience a lot of trial and error and seeing what clients
are doing wrong in order to get her right some of the things I discussed are one of the first things that homeowners
go in and rip out when they’re endeavoring on a renovation or remodel but if you love it you can make a case
for it please disregard anything I say and go with your gut your bathroom like any other room in your home should feel
inspiring and inviting and just energizes you to tackle your day I want you to think about the bathroom that you
spend the most time in what can you do right now to make a space more functional and inviting I would love to
hear your answers comment below and let me know if you have any other questions when it comes to your own bathroom
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channel I am so excited to share with you guys that I recently did a poll on my Instagram make sure you’re following
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the bathrooms that I absolutely hate in my home it is the guest bathroom the bathroom that I never used before
komari it is the only room with a bathtub in it so now that we’re actually bathing her in a tub I can’t stand this
bathroom I’m seeing it so much it has this really hideous like black and white checkered like retro tile on the walls
and at first I was like oh you know what honey let’s just keep it because you know she meets up for her brain
development the contrasting colors is gonna you know make her smarter but anyways now that she’s getting a little
bit older like I hate it I want to rip it out and do this like complete information I took a poll on my
Instagram and I asked you guys what you would rather see if you wanted to see a big-budget full-scale renovation from
top to bottom with contractors plumbers electricians basically any professionals that I would hire to get the job done
and with a bigger budget versus a DIY renovation where clearly I would do it myself and with the help of my husband
of course and the results were so close it was probably by like a really small margin 10% but the majority ruled and
you guys want to see a DIY renovation so I am so excited to tell you that that is coming up this summer I don’t know where
I’m gonna find the time or the effort or the energy to do it with an infant but I’m gonna do it guys I’m so excited to
take you on this journey with me so if you have any ideas of what you would like to see in a DIY bathroom renovation
leave me a comment below and I will be sure to address it thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys in the next
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