​Home Remodeling Resources

​What remodeling resources ​are you looking for?

​I've hand-selected resources for home remodel tips, ideas, products, services, and assistance programs. This list grows over time, so be sure to check back ​to the RemodelAssist website frequently to find links to the helpful ​resources - all in one place.

Home Remodeling Calculators

The following are links to real home remodel cost estimates​, specifically ​for your area.​ The estimates range from ​Lower 3rd, Middle 3rd, & Upper 3rd costs, and an Average estimate for your area​ is also provided. ​

Home Remodeling Tips & Guides

Home Remodeling ​Ideas

Home Remodeling Assistance Programs

The following are primarily government assistance programs. If you are planning to repair, re-build, or renovate your home, federal programs may make it easier for homeowners to be able to afford these improvements to your home.

​Finding Local Home & Home Improvement Professionals

Home Remodeling Services

Home Remodeling Design Software

Appliances & ​Home Remodeling Products​

​The following are links to popular item product pages - many ​featuring customer reviews. Some items are currently on-sale.

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