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Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends

kitchen design trends

Whether you’re planning to remodel your kitchen or are just looking for a fresh new look, there are some key design trends to consider. From all-white kitchens to stainless steel appliances with a hint of bling, there are some trends to watch out for.

All-white kitchens

Regardless of your style or taste, there are many ways to decorate your all-white kitchen. Just make sure you choose the right color combination and accessories to complete your kitchen’s look. You may want to add a wood backsplash to warm up your all-white kitchen, as well.

White is a classic, and is a timeless color. It works well in small spaces, since the color can help create the illusion of space. It also helps the room feel airier. However, an all-white kitchen can also be a little sterile.

If you’re looking for something more interesting, you could try adding a marble slab or decorative objects. This will give your all-white kitchen a sense of glamour. You could also add a funky pendant light to the space.

Curves and arches

Whether you are renovating or decorating your home, you can make use of the new trend of curved and arches in kitchen design. These elements can add depth to your spaces while also creating a focal point. They can be used in a variety of ways, such as as decorative pieces, accessories or even doorways.

Architectural curves have a long history of use in public spaces. They have been a symbol of protection and progress. They are becoming more popular in interior design, too. They can be applied to everything from furniture to light fixtures. They can create a dramatic statement, or a soft, calming effect.

Stainless steel appliances with a subtle amount of bling

Stainless steel appliances are a great way to give your kitchen an updated look. They are durable, elegant, and can complement many different styles. In fact, they can make your kitchen the focal point of your home. They also help to increase the value of your home.

There are several types of finishes, but one of the most popular is the black matte. It’s a sleek, modern finish that can go well with most colors. The best part is that it’s also magnetic.

The other major trend in kitchen design is the rise of recessed cabinet lighting. It can be hidden in the crown molding or inside the glass cabinet doors. LED technology makes it cheaper to add this kind of lighting to your kitchen.

Open shelving

Having an open shelving system in your kitchen is an easy way to make the most of space. It is also a great way to display decorative items such as books, vases, or plants.

When paired with the right materials, you can have the best of both worlds. For instance, using glass instead of wood can give your open shelves a modern look.

It is important to get a sturdy material. This is especially true when you are considering floating open shelves. You will need shelving brackets and drywall anchors.

While there are many styles of shelving to choose from, there are a few key points to consider. For example, choosing the right size shelf for your kitchen will make a big difference.

Cabinets with glass panes

Adding glass panes to cabinets can add brightness, depth, and design to your kitchen. It is an easy way to make a dark room look brighter and to bring in natural light. But you need to keep in mind some tips when installing cabinet glass.

First, choose the right type of glass for your cabinet. You can find classic transparent glass, stained glass, or leaded glass. Select the one that will compliment your kitchen’s color scheme and overall decor.

For a rustic, country kitchen, opt for seeded glass. This type of glass has tiny bubbles that add an interesting design. It is often accessorized with a detachable panel.

Built-in banquettes

Whether you’re looking for a way to add seating to your dining room or you want to create an intimate family dining experience, built-in banquettes have a lot to offer. They also help to anchor seating areas in open-plan kitchens and dining rooms.

In some cases, you’ll have the option to add hidden storage to the banquette’s design. These can be in the form of shelves or pull-out drawers. This can be especially handy for children’s toys and craft materials.

Aside from providing additional seating, built-in banquettes can also be used as a work space. This means you can eat lunch with your family while doing work, homework or writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I spend on a home renovation?

Many things should be considered when renovating a house. The most important aspect of any renovation is how much money you have. It is also necessary to consider what type of renovations you want to make, whether they involve adding extra rooms or improving existing ones, as well as other considerations such as how long you plan to live at your current address.

It is important to keep in mind that home improvements can be cost-effective and affordable. You could spend $20,000 to extend your kitchen (PS13500), but you’d need to spend $50,000 to make a similar project in your bathroom (PS33,000).

If you don’t know where to start planning a home improvement project, here are some tips to help you decide what you should do first.

First things first: Are you looking to improve the quality of your home?

Before you embark on any home-improvement project, ask yourself whether there are really necessary changes. If your home is comfortable, there’s no reason to make major renovations.

It’s possible to make your home more beautiful without spending too much money. So before you do anything, think about the benefits for your family. Sometimes, it’s possible to save money by fixing small issues rather than purchasing new furniture.

Renovations that increase the home’s value

It is important to make your home look beautiful.

If you aren’t planning to sell your home soon, there is no need for expensive renovations.

If you want to sell your house quickly, you should think carefully about what kind of renovation will give your property the best chance of getting top dollar when it comes to a sale.

A great way to boost the value of your home is by making small improvements such as painting walls and ceilings, replacing carpeting, polishing floors, installing new lighting, and fitting new kitchen appliances.

While these projects may seem expensive, they add value and beauty to your home.

These small changes will not only make your home look better, but they can also help increase its resale price.

Consider buying a smaller house first if you plan to move to a bigger home.

This will help you save money long-term as you’ll have to pay less rent.

You’ll be able to spend more on renovating your dream house.

Renovations are not always necessary. There are plenty of other ways to make your home look better without spending a fortune.

For instance, you might paint the outside of your house or replace worn-out carpets.

You might want to make your home look better if that’s what you really want.

Can solar panels increase home value?

An installation of solar panels can improve the resale values of your home by up to $20,000.

Solar energy systems have become more affordable thanks to technological advancements. This makes them attractive if you want to sell your home within the next few years.

The University of California Berkeley conducted a study that found homes with solar panels sold for more than those without. This was due to the fact that buyers were attracted towards these properties. These buyers believed that the utility bills would be lower.

Although the initial cost of a solar system is higher than the monthly payment, it can be offset by the savings over the long-term.

Solar panels can not only reduce electricity costs but also help you save money on taxes. You can qualify for federal tax credits which reduce your annual income tax liability of 30% by installing solar panels

You should seriously consider installing solar panels on your home if you are looking to sell it soon. They will not only increase the value of your home, but also make it easier for buyers to find you.

What does a bathroom renovation cost to increase your home’s value?

A bathroom remodel can add 5% to your house’s value. The average price of a bathroom remodel is $5,700. A bathroom renovation increases the marketability and desirability of a home.

A beautifully designed bathroom is important for anyone looking to sell their home. Buyers love to see a clean and organized bathroom. Buyers want bathrooms that are modern and elegant.

Remember that your bathroom design should be in harmony with the rest. You don’t need to change the entire theme or look of the bathroom just for changing the flooring.

You must also choose the right color scheme if you plan to sell the home. Many buyers won’t see the bathroom until they come in through the front door. If the bathroom is different from other rooms, it may look odd.

You can enhance the beauty of your bathroom by painting the walls a bright shade of red or yellow. These colors are very well-liked by buyers. Make sure there are no holes or cracks in the ceiling tiles. An unkept bathroom could create negative impressions about the house.

When remodeling a bathroom, another thing to keep in mind is installing modern lighting fixtures. Today, people spend more time in the bathrooms than in any other room of the house. It is important to have enough light for safety when using lighting fixtures.

Your bathroom must be large enough to hold everything you need for bathing. You should have enough storage space for toiletries, towels, and cosmetics.

Finally, ensure that your bathroom is free from odors and clean.


  • These additions run 10-20% cheaper than conventional home additions and are made off-site, saving you from living in a constant construction zone. (
  • Saved: About 3 to 5 percent of the overall job cost If you’re doing your project, slash your materials-delivery fees by picking up goods yourself. (
  • Even if you intend to sell your home shortly, you’ll likely recoup around 60 percent of your renovation costs, according to Remodeling’s 2020 (
  • One Virginia-based contractor offers discounts of between 4.5 and 5.5 percent (depending on the overall budget) on projects during his downtime, right after the new year. (
  • The average cost to finish a basement is between $2,800 to $34,000, with a return on investment of around 70%. (

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How to Remodel The Basement on a Budget

What is basement remodeling?

Remodeling a basement refers to renovating the space below the ground. This improves the space’s usability, functionality and appearance as well as its value. This could be adding new rooms, like bedrooms, offices, or making existing rooms more functional.

The most commonly used type of renovation is to take down walls and ceilings. Some areas will require extra work like wiring, plumbing, heating systems and the like. This is when the contractor will need to complete these tasks before building a wall.

There are many ways that you can remodel your basement. It all depends on your goals. You might decide to add a bedroom or bathroom or make some changes to the kitchen. No matter what your plans are, here are some things to keep in mind.

First, a permit will be required from the municipality if you want to make major renovations. In addition, you’ll likely need permits from the city’s department of health, fire marshal, and zoning office. Check to see if your municipality allows you to dig up part of your yard.

Second, let’s suppose you decide to remove one side of the room for drywall. If you don’t know how many material you’ll need, you might rent a truck. You can fill it with wood chips and then bring it back. After everything has been removed, you will fill the hole by pouring concrete. However, you’ll have to wait at least three days before pouring the concrete, so you won’t be able to start working until then.

Be sure to plan ahead for every home improvement project. It’s very easy to underestimate how long something will take, especially if you haven’t worked on it before. You might think you only need to get rid of a few nails. But, it could take hours. Consider how much time and money it will cost before you do anything.